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Aspects of Software Asset Management


•Identify areas where under utilized software can be reallocated or removed

•Optimize the retirement and re-use processes for under utilized software

• Better financial accounting of assets

• Reduce financial exposure from software over deployment 


•Understand and manage license entitlement

•Better controls against fraud

•Enable change management

•Allow to optimize and redeploy assets


•Reduce software license compliance exposures that could impact budgets and reputation

•Structure better commercial licensing terms to fit current and future requirements

• Avoid legal exposure from software over deployment

• Negotiate from a position of knowledge

Software LifeCycle

The software life cycle helps to ensure that the right software is made available at the right moment, to the right people and locations in the organization. Additionally, the software must comply with the desired quality standards and be sufficiently covered by licensing agreements


Planning: A recurring assessment of the needs within the organization regarding the functionalities of your software.

Acquisition: Includes the procurement process of software, as well as contract and supplier management.

Setup: An authorization process, to make software available to the right people in the right locations.

Usage, mgmt. and support: Supervision is in place on the usage of software, with or without the use of tooling.

Optimization: SAM processes are designed and implemented as efficiently as possible. The organization maintains the most optimal licensing structure possible.

Renew/Retire/Harvest: When possible, the existing licenses are reused within the organization

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