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SAM Advisorys exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.


Proactive License Management(PLM)

A number of factors need to be in place for a proactive SAM estate PROACTIVELY MANAGE SAM RISKS AND ACHIEVE ONGOING COMPLIANCE Being proactive with your SAM program is the best way to be. Obviously, there may be challenges or situations that arise that require you to be reactive, but even then the SAM team will be better prepared for such events. The idea of being proactive is that you are completely on top of the highest risks within your SAM estate, and you are prepared for any scenario. This includes the creation of mature SAM processes, having the right tool in place for your organisation, and having clear roles and responsibilities for SAM.

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SAM Tool Advisory Product & Services

“It’s so easy to buy a tool and get little to no value from it, yet we can unlock this, integrating it into a viable service and optimizing the investment.” ENSURING QUALITY AUTOMATION THROUGH EFFECTIVE TOOLING

There is a wide range of tools available that can help you to manage your software and IT assets, but not all of them will be right for you. Choosing the right tool is crucial because implementing the wrong one can cause more problems than it solves. Our service ensures you have the right technology for your business, whether it’s choosing the right SAM tool, implementation, on-boarding data or carrying out a health check on your current technology to ensure it is fit for purpose.


Software License Optimization(SLO)

"Success in the Optimized phase is measured by reduced software spend." MAXIMIZE THE VALUE OF SOFTWARE INVESTMENTS AND REDUCE SOFTWARE COSTS TODAY AND TOMORROW

•Understand current SAM environment – people, process and technology.

•Identify key risks and prioritize focus areas.

•Scan for software deployments using customized tools and commands.

•Analyze deployment data by applying licensing rules and usage rights.

•Reconcile entitlements and deployments to create an effective compliance position.

•Perform a deep dive optimization analysis e.g. IT estate optimization, contract renegotiation, software rationalization, cloud migration etc.

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Software Vendor Audit Defense

“Defusing A Software Audit: What To Do When You'reAccused Of Copyright”  TRUSTED ADVISORS DEFENDING AND REDUCING YOUR AUDIT RISKS

•Minimise your financial exposure from software license compliance audits.

•Lifecycle support from pre-audit health check to settlement negotiation

•Audit readiness assessment & planning

•Licensing position analysis

•Licensing guidance & risk mitigation

•Vendor negotiation support

  1. Pre-Audit Due Diligence

  2. Ongoing Audit Support

  3. Post-Audit & Negotiation Support

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Software License Compliance Review

“If you think compliance is expensive – try noncompliance.”  AN EXPERT INTERNAL AUDIT TO PROVIDE PEACE OF MIND

•Fully audited Effective License Position reports with actionable risk remediation advice

•Management presentation on key findings and recommended actions

•Technical workshops designed to help you implement our recommendations effectively

•Identify risks and saving opportunities in your software license portfolio.

•Identical audit methodologies to most top vendors.

•Delivers actionable advice on outcome beyond Effective License Positions.


Software Agreement/Contract Negotiation

“Price isn’t the only thing that affects the bottom line.” COST AVOIDANCE FROM ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT RENEWAL

TO AUDIT DEFENSE While many of these audits reveal genuine licensing abuses, an alarming number identify simply a lack of understanding of license terms and ineffective methods of ensuring compliance. Ignorance is no excuse, however, when it comes to paying audit settlement penalties.

•Gain insight into vendors’ revenue strategies, either via audit or via renewal

•Minimize audit penalties and unbudgeted spend

•Ensure ROI and freedom of choice for software for the future

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